Sunday, 5 March 2017

"HEROES OF GODWINSON" "The Mermen's White Death" - Part Three Post Two

This sequence firmly establishes some of Carcharodon's super-powers, something of a reveal as to his background, and a brutally bloody reveal as to his wantonly savage character. The first couple of episodes to "The Mermen's White Death" had hopefully shown Controller Gardner to be a decent man with a deep-seated concern for the welfare of his men. As a result I hoped that his sudden, brutal demise would prove a genuinely shocking moment and immediately establish just how vile a nemesis the heroes were facing.

In addition, it's clear from Carcharodon's speech that the Shark-man is some long forgotten follower of the Third Reich's Fuhrer, and additionally provides the fish-men which have appeared so prominently throughout the adventure's earlier scenes with a name... The Untersee-Men or U-Men; a name several comic book publishers seem to have utilised, but which at the time I thought was unique to my own tales.

Angered by the senseless death of Controller Gardner, Bearman launches a desperate attack against the cold-blooded killer Carcharodon. But are even a were-creature's claws sharp enough to penetrate the tough hide of a Great White Shark...?