Sunday, 29 March 2015

"THE RAMBLER" The Time Henge" - Part Four Post One

This scene is simply all about sacrificing oneself in order to save the day, and I thought was a great way for the longest-running version of the Timeman to bow out. I also put his 'demise' in early to leave me with plenty of room to give the character, one who had started life as a completely hand-drawn and coloured drawing, both a proper send off and handover to his successor.

In addition it allowed me to include one of my favourite advantages of computer art programmes, the 'flashback'. As I was able to digitally scan and manipulate two inked drawings of the earlier Timemen and incorporate them into a panel where the ailing Rambler saw his predecessors and sought their approval for his solution to the Enemy's time destruction device.

The Rambler may have saved the Earth's time-stream but at just what cost to himself. Battered and burnt, have the Timeman's adventures finally come to a fiery end. Or is this just the start of something new..?


  1. Regenerate, regenerate! of please let him regenerate, but not into a fez wearing wally!

    1. Um... regeneration is "Doctor Who", Roger. This is "The Rambler", so the Beorge will simple select another Timeman and bestow upon them their time-travelling powers and knowledge ;-)