Thursday, 2 April 2015

"THE RAMBLER" The Time Henge" - Part Four Post Two

I tried with the first two frames of this posting to better explain what the enemy time agent's device was actually doing, as I felt I probably hadn't covered it too well in the story's first three episodes. I'd actually left the exact nature of the threat somewhat 'open' to interpretation because I had wanted to use it to generate a sense of mystery around the Rambler and what exactly he was up to. But in hindsight this might have been a mistake. In essence however the time destructor has literally been burning away the Earth's timeline from its end back towards its beginning, and the Timeman needed to put an end to it before it reached the planet's beginning and had literally wiped out all of history. 

As the story is also the first of a new series, and thus a bit of a re-boot, I wanted to reiterate and better explain that the Rambler receives his time-travelling abilities from the Beorge. But that even they have their limits if their time agent is too badly injured, as he is in this case.

The Rambler is gravelly injured, and time is finally running out for Earth's Timeman. But all is not lost as the alien Beorge identify a new individual to become the planet's time-travelling champion...

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