Sunday, 26 February 2017

"HEROES OF GODWINSON" "The Mermen's White Death" - Part Two Post Three

The opening two frames of this sequence are fairly 'run-of-the-mill' examples of how both Lady Luck and Bearman's main super-powers work; albeit at the time of this story, the pair were still reasonably new creations. Unlike many of the other heroes I designed at the time, Bearman has two noticeably different heads and is literally assembled from numerous body parts for each of the panels... A rather time-consuming process as you can imagine.

The final scene for this episode gave me the opportunity to utilise another wonderfully detailed photograph of an oil rig and have Lady Luck demonstrate her formidable powers once again. However, in felling the Merman I think the 'cliff-hanger' rather loses its 'edge' as the protagonists don't end-up visibly being in any imminent jeopardy.

Surrounded by Mermen, Lady Luck and Bearman discover that the ocean-dwelling invaders are inspired by something far more formidable than a desire for oil; something which harks back to the days of World War Two, and something which has teeth...


  1. What I particularly like about Lady Luck is that when she uses her super power, she raises two fingers as if shooting a gun and best of all has a "Gesture" sound effect. The sound effect makes me smile every time I see it.

    1. Thanks Bryan. I find it quite hard to illustrate an interesting hand movement with my drawing style, so thought a simple 'gesture' would suffice :-)

    2. Actually, I totally got what she was doing with the way you drew the hand, but the sound effect just emphasises it even more, so there can be no doubt what she is doing. Don't change it!

    3. "Don't change it!" - Have no fear Bryan, Lady Luck will remain doing her 'gesture' for all her stories.