Sunday, 12 February 2017

"THE RAMBLER" "Slaying Of The High King" - Part Two Post Two

These first two frames quite nicely conclude the Rambler's initial meeting with Brian Boru and help to set-up this episode's cliff-hanger ending, with the time-traveller being nominated as the High King's champion in a personal duel of honour. I did hope to try and capture some feeling of 'David verses Goliath' in the frame where the Rambler is holding his head in one hand as he knows he hasn't got a hope against a well-armed Viking, but I don't think the drawing makes this terribly clear.

The second scene continues to describe the positions of Sigtrygg Silkenbeard's forces, and the army's different units. Admittedly such dialogue doesn't necessarily move the story long all that much, but it does hopefully add to the interest of the period being explored within the adventure...

Armed with sword and shield the Rambler faces a Viking Hersir in deadly close combat, and it isn't the time agent of Beorge who draws first blood...


  1. Your comments very much reflect my own thoughts on this offering. The story is moving along nicely.

    1. Thanks Bryan. This is in many ways a typical 'historical' story and as such can get a little bogged down in detail as I try and educate as well as entertain ;-)