Saturday, 18 February 2017

"THE RAMBLER" "Slaying Of The High King" - Part Four Post Two

This is a particularly dark moment for the protagonist, as he acts in order to allow the loss of life rather than to actually save one - not a terribly heroic thing to do. This seemingly 'heartless' response to Hook's meddling really reinforces the Rambler's crucial role in ensuring the smooth flow of Earth's Time Stream and sets a standard of potentially callous-looking behaviour I occasionally later tap into for my stories.

Mister Hook's recovery from a "mere Himalayan Flesh Wound" is the start of an ongoing joke which runs through several of the character's appearances over the next few years. Those familiar with narrative to "The Yeti Hunters" will know that the enemy time agent suffered far more extensive injuries than just a few scratches, but such an inconceivable recovery seems to be something the villain can conjure up again and again...

Having previously fled to the woods following his contest with Wolf the Quarrelsome, Brodir discovers a helpless Brian Boru, and decides to have his revenge.


  1. That was so much fun, Simon! Hook never saw that one coming! Still, as you say, it is quite a dilemma about the Rambler doing the "right thing."

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Bryan. Just the conclusion yet to come and then I'll be posting up something a bit different for the next story, something a bit more super-heroic ;-)