Tuesday, 21 February 2017

"HEROES OF GODWINSON" "The Mermen's White Death" - Part One Post Two

Ordinarily I try extremely hard not to use a simple "Twenty Four Hours Later..." caption and then immediately return to the characters my narrative was focusing upon beforehand. I much prefer to depict the advancement of time by concentrating on another event, even if only lasts for a panel or two. On this occasion however, I really needed to hurry the super-heroes arrival on the oil rig, so they'd be somewhat settled with the lead driller before the episode's imminent cliff-hanger.

Bearman is undoubtedly one of my favourite characters and was actually created a year earlier in a different series called "Alternate Heroes". As a result, if you compare his face with that of the story's supporting cast you'll spot that its a slightly different shape due to my utilisation of the older drawing of him.

Without any warning Rig Hope falls under attack. But just what can Bearman and Lady Luck against a seemingly angry sea-bed.!?!


  1. Given their names, I think I can make a good guess as to what super powers Bearman and Lady Luck possess. I guess I'll soon find out.