Saturday, 4 February 2017

"THE RAMBLER" "The Yeti Hunters" - Part Three Post Three

There's an awful lot of figures appearing within some of these panels, and with hindsight, a couple of the frames may well have fared better if I'd 'zoomed out' from the action a bit more; especially the scene where the Chinese soldiers are eaten by the genuine Yeti, as both Sir Edmund Hillary and Danny appear a little 'squished' to one side.

I can't recall where the inspiration for the Nyalmo's look came from, but the red eyes were created in order to exaggerate just how angry they were at their territory being invaded. I also included the throwaway line by the Rambler about Doig's gun to reinforce the point that this current Time Man is not yet in full control of his role's time-travelling powers, and as such still can't recall/sense the enemy agent he's just encountered, nor similarly be recognised as 'an operative of the Beorge' himself.

Running low of ammunition and facing a seemingly endless horde of Yeti, the Rambler must desperately race to find shelter within the apparent safety of a Chinese Communications Centre. But not all of his party will survive the headlong dash...


  1. Flesh eating Yetis! How cool! I'm really enjoying this yarn a lot, Simon.

    1. Thanks Bryan. I do like to include a bit of blood-letting whenever the adventure's setting allows me :-)