Monday, 13 February 2017

"THE RAMBLER" "Slaying Of The High King" - Part Two Post Three

This conclusion to Part Two of "Slaying Of The High King" is a little 'choppy' in that I usually like to plot my scenes in pairs or quartets, and yet for this episode I was forced to 'squeeze' up the Rambler's battle with a Viking Hersir in order to make room for Sigtrygg Silkenbeard's speech.

The description of the Viking warrior's armaments, decorations and clothing dye were all historically accurate and based upon archaeological evidence/findings. I always like to include these facts in my stories, and the Rambler is perfectly placed to make such observations. In addition the decoration on the time-traveller's shield is supposedly thought to be similar to that used by soldiers of the time...

With Brian Boru's champion defeated, Sigtrygg Silkenbeard's army launches a vicious attack upon the forces of the High King. Is this already the end of the Rambler..?


  1. Ouch! A spear to the face has to hurt! What a cliffhanger! Great stuff, Simon.