Friday, 3 February 2017

"THE RAMBLER" "The Yeti Hunters" - Part Three Post Two

Featuring a 'classic clip' from this series' early Nineties hand-drawn forerunner "The Timeman", this particular sequence heralds the return of a recurring character last seen in June 1994; the enemy Time Agent Mister Hook. It also, hopefully, once again alludes to the fact that not only does the Rambler have a 'rich history' of past adventures, but that the 'role' has belonged to more than one individual. Indeed, the 'pen and ink' hat-wearing fellow scanned in the panel was actually already the second such Timeman I'd drawn, with the (then) current computer-drawn incumbent being the fourth.

Storywise, this sequence is once again used to try and educate the reader with more information as to Sir Edmund Hillary's exploits, and establish that because the Chinese were firing rockets from Tibet that there was a good reason why the Western authorities might be spying upon the People Republic's activities.

Captured by both the Chinese Army and an enemy Time Agent, the Rambler mistakenly believes matters can not get any worse. But then Hillary discovers that the costume-wearing soldiers of the People's Republic aren't the only furry horrors stalking the snow-caps...


  1. Hmm, the plot thickens. I do like how you mix real life history and events into your stories. Good job, Simon.

    1. Thanks Bryan. I think in one of my past postings I go into some detail about how I always like to include one or two bits of learning in my stories; even if its something like a character pointing out that the zombie who is about to eat him is wearing something that was designed by someone famous in a certain year :-)