Saturday, 25 February 2017

"HEROES OF GODWINSON" "The Mermen's White Death" - Part Two Post Two

Owing to this particular story being from the first season of "Heroes Of Godwinson" Controller Gardner's bafflement at his companions' abilities is part of a 'golden thread' illustrating that the British public are unaware of their Government having its own super-hero team. This ignorance soon evaporates in subsequent stories, and even later leads to a series of tales which focuses upon the group being unpopular with the people they've sworn to protect.

The 'wide shot' is one of the few ways I like to break-up the monotony of my six-frame sheets, and always takes quite some time to compile and 'get right'. This particular one quite nicely shows the protagonists surrounded and about to be impaled by a trio of Mermen.

With Controller Gardener's very life in their hands, Bearman and Lady Luck must battle through the Mermen's invading force and seek sanctuary elsewhere aboard Rig Hope...  


  1. I really like the large splash panel, Simon. You should do more of them.

    1. Cheers Bryan. They're rather time-consuming unfortunately. But you can always tell when I have a lot of dialogue which needs cramming in, as the splash panels let me get it all in, most of the time ;-)