Wednesday, 15 February 2017

"THE RAMBLER" "Slaying Of The High King" - Part Three Post Two

All four of these frames continue my narration of the Battle of Clontarf with varying degrees of success. The Rambler's sequence with Danny at least now gives the duo some additional purpose rather than simply stay out of harms way; something which they could so easily do if the Beorge Agent just 'jumped' time zones.

Longphort's account of the fighting to Brian Boru is potentially more confusing as their almost 'Homeric' dialogue is crammed full of different notable warriors of the period, most of whom have met some grisly end. Their scene does however reaffirm one of this adventure's central plots, that the High King refused to fight himself during this conflict as, in his mind, it was a day of prayer.

As the Rambler and Danny battle their way through formidable Viking warriors in a desperate attempt to reach Brian Boru, the time-traveller reveals just what must occur in order to ensure the smooth flow of time... 


  1. Does the Rambler have regenerative powers? I ask because there is no sign of that spear thrust wound to his face. Also, you name a lot of characters in this story, most of whom mean nothing to me, and most likely any passing viewer unfamiliar with this time period. Are they all historically accurate names? They do appear to be, but as I say, I know nothing of this period of history.

    1. No he doesn't Bryan. I'm not sure why the previous cliff-hanger was quite so bloody, to be honest, and with hindsight it probably should have simply consisted of a "Bop!" sound effect with a yellow bash marker rather than the gory blood splatter depicted. It did make a good cliff-hanger though, which is probably why I went with that. Ordinarily I do try to keep my continuity up to speed, but this whole scene would appear to have been severely cut and has become rather disjointed as a result.

      Yes the names are 'historically accurate' and are simply included to give an idea of all the wonderfully-named characters who appeared during the battle.