Friday, 24 February 2017

"HEROES OF GODWINSON" "The Mermen's White Death" - Part Two Post One

The first two panels of this episode hopefully get things off to a rip-roaring start with a savage, bloody death. It actually demonstrates a fairly common place storytelling technique which I like to use where the lead character/s encounter someone yelling "We're doomed!", who subsequently dies horribly in the very next frame.

This sequence also features the fish-faced Mermen, an underwater race which I have used in numerous stories since they were first drawn for this one. Indeed, the scaly warriors have not only appeared in both "Heroes Of Godwinson" and my long-running super-hero serial "Alternate Heroes". But have also encountered "The Rambler" in a 2012 adventure entitled "White Star Liner".

Determined to rid Rig Hope of its invading Mermen, Lady Luck and Bearman quickly discover just how badly outnumbered they are...   


  1. Exciting stuff, Simon! There was so much to enjoy in these four panels - a gory death, the appearance of the Mermen (like creatures from an early Doctor Who series) and Lady Luck using what I can only guess is probability control on the Merman attacking them.

    1. Thanks very much Bryan. Glad you're enjoying it. This is one of my fave adventures from 2007.