Thursday, 9 February 2017

"THE RAMBLER" "Slaying Of The High King" - Part One Post Three

Eager to make as much use as possible of at least one of the time-consuming costumes I had drawn for this story, this particular scene features all the 'Irish actors' wearing exactly the same attire; albeit with a few texture tweaks and colour variations. In addition, I was able to include plenty more references from my historical source material, as well as pack the dialogue with even more notable names from the time period.

The final two frames feature a fairly typical ending to so many of my opening episodes, where the story's main characters encounter their adventure's 'nemesis' and are immediately threatened with instant death. I really like this sort of cliff-hanger, although this one lacks the opportunity for the central protagonist to make some sort of pithy retort, even if at times that simply consists of "Gibber."

Facing instant death, the Rambler has but one chance to live by seeking out the protection of the High King himself, Brian Boru. But will such an act save him from so determined a bodyguard as Longphort..? 


  1. How quickly things turn sour. However, I have no doubt the Rambler has a cunning plan to deal with this setback. All good stuff, Simon.

    1. "I have no doubt the Rambler has a cunning plan to deal with this setback." - I do hope so Bryan, otherwise this'll be s quick adventure ;-)