Tuesday, 7 February 2017

"THE RAMBLER" "The Yeti Hunters" - Part Four Post Three

These four final frames are not only about concluding the story by reinforcing the suggestion that Sir Edmund Hillary was actually a spy using his travels to find a Yeti as a cover story. But also hopefully cement the relationship between the Rambler and Danny, so that after eight episodes the duo are now finally ready to 'hop' from adventure to adventure fully accepting of their roles within each tale.

This 'sense of comfort' between any of my series' leading protagonists helps me be able to write individual stand-alone stories, rather than string together a handful of interconnecting tales which have to be read in a specific order; something I personally dislike and have found hard to both write and draw in the past.

Next Time... with The Himalayas and 1960 finally behind them, the Rambler and Danny find themselves trapped a thousand years in the past, and facing a familiar enemy with a very sharp spear in "The Slaying Of The High King".


  1. A very satisfying conclusion, Simon. I most assuredly look forward to your next tale.

    1. Very kind of you to say Bryan. The next one is rather more historical ;-)