Wednesday, 30 December 2015

"ERMIN MEONSTOKE" Sacrifice Upon The Waves - Part Four Post Two

These four panels were really all about trying to firmly tie the events on board the ocean liner with those occurring on the coast of Cornwall, and having a bit of fun with some ludicrous zombie-killing situations. In particular I wanted to get my main protagonist involved with some Undead close combat, and thought it'd be quite amusing having him snatch one of the German corpse's boat paddles and start battering them around the head with it.

Meonstoke's use of the 7.92-MM LMG 34 is heavily influenced by my love of using light machine guns in the "Call Of Duty" zombie-based video games. As a result I thought it would be a bit different if he conveniently 'found' one, not too water-logged, and having propped it up upon Mister Gotch's shoulder's, started to drive the Third Reich ghouls back with one of their own weapons. All silly stuff I realise, but it makes me smile.

Assailed by a seemingly endless number of German zombies, Meonstoke's thoughts momentarily turn to Miss Priscilla's predicament, as his faithful secretary goes hand-to-hand with the long-dead monster behind all these Undead shenanigans... Fedor von Bock!