Thursday, 9 February 2017

"THE RAMBLER" "Slaying Of The High King" - Part One Post Two

This particular sequence starts off with both the Rambler and Danny having already arrived in ancient Ireland, and seemingly in mid-conversation. I've always liked doing these sorts of 'entrances' as I feel it gives the illusion that the characters may well have been on other unseen travels beforehand; albeit the lead protagonists' identical clothing from the previous story would suggest not...

There's a lot of dialogue taking place in this scene, but its predominantly used to further describe the circumstances within which the time-travellers have found themselves. Indeed, this four-parter is actually a very action-packed affair once the 'main playing pieces are all aligned', but until then there's a lot of historical scene setting required.

Playing the part of an Irish Cleric amidst a troop of blood-thirsty warriors, the Rambler's ruse is soon unsurprisingly discovered. So just how will the Earth time agent escape his summary execution at the point of a sword.!?!"


  1. I like the fact that your two time travellers are wearing the same clothes as when we last saw them in the Himalayas. It does provide a nice piece of continuity. Action is good but I don't mind the wordy scene-setting. It is necessary to get a better sense of who is who and what's going on in this strange new time and place - at least for me it is.

    1. Thanks Bryan, albeit I did change the Rambler's tie for this particular adventure ;-) This adventure very much follows a tried and tested formula I use for most of my 'historical' stories, so I'll be very interested in hearing your thoughts as the adventure progresses...