Tuesday, 14 February 2017

"THE RAMBLER" "Slaying Of The High King" - Part Three Post One

Rather than simply portray the Battle of Clontarf as a series of panels containing lots of similarly-dressed warriors, I decided to focus on a 'famous' duel between the 'sorcerer' Brodir and Wolf the Quarrelsome. This fight allowed me to include some more interesting dialogue rather than 'charge' or 'die' and continue with my attempt to inform the reader as to whom was thought to be present during the conflict.

In many ways, the Rambler's recovery is admittedly a 'cop out' considering just how bloody his head injury initially appeared at the end of the previous episode. I also don't explain why the time-traveller's opponent didn't finish him off. Suffice to say he was left for dead and then dragged away by Danny. But these events aren't satisfactorily depicted in the panels.

The Battle of Clontarf hots up, and as Brian Boru orders his army forward, the Rambler and Danny find themselves well and truly trapped between the two warring forces...


  1. If it hadn't been for your explanation in the notes below the strip I'd have been totally confused about what happened to the Rambler. He gets stabbed in the face last time and now he appears as right as rain and there's no sign of his attacker. Sorry, mate, but you are right to call this episode a cop out. A good editor would surely have caught this! (insert wry smile!) Don't worry, Simon. I'm still sticking with it! :-)

    1. Quite right Bryan. I'm not sure whether the scene explaining the 'cop out' was actually scripted and then subsequently removed due to the preceding scene overrunning, or that I simply knew what was happening in my head and left it at that. One of the things I'm enjoying about posting these stories currently is that its sort of giving me a chance to re-read old adventures with a fresh mind. Please do though stick with it :-)