Thursday, 11 September 2014

"MEN OF MYSTERY" Burning At Baiame Cave - Part Three Post Three

This series of panels predominantly utilises thought boxes instead of my usual speech bubbles, but still sticks to my usual ‘dialogue sandwich’ format. The skeletons are an old pose I created way back in May 2008 for an Undead Pirate adventure entitled “The Bones Of Charles Vane”. In order to try and show Doctor Horton being burnt by the Rainbow Serpent’s stomach acid I flood-filled his face and clothes with a mottled red/brown pattern.
With hindsight I’m not entirely sure the flow of the action in the last few panels is really that clear as one minute the archaeologist is inside the giant reptile’s belly and then he’s stood in front of the Sky Father, back in the Dreaming. What I was hoping to portray was that as soon as Doctor Horton took hold of the jewel inside the Rainbow Serpent, he was transported back to Baiame. As a result, having tinkered with the disappointingly dark heavy rain effect I've used on some of the earlier panels, I've also subsequently added a minor 'Bink sound effect’ to this teleportation sequence.
In the final episode of this adventure, Doctor Horton is transformed into the agent of the Sky Father and faces the man who caused his ‘transformational’ journey to occur…

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