Monday, 15 September 2014

"MEN OF MYSTERY" Burning At Baiame Cave - Part Four Post Three

As endings go I must confess that this one was rather rushed. Having had an enormous build-up to this confrontation, one which basically started when Langloh betrayed Doctor Horton in episode one, I found myself quickly running out of panels and as a result the fight between Agent Unknown and Carpet Snake is disappointingly brief. However it does set the scene for a rematch...
Unfortunately both the design and drawing of Carpet Snake himself was also quite a hurried affair as at the time I was eager to get started on the next story in the series, featuring the Kung Fu master Sensei Cheng Fu. As a result Dhakken's agent isn't quite as reptilian in look as I would like, despite being based upon the characteristics of the Morelia Spilota.
In the next "Men Of Mystery" adventure, martial arts action abounds as Sensei Cheng Fu attempts to battle the Chinese Triad through the streets of London...

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