Saturday, 13 September 2014

"MEN OF MYSTERY" Burning At Baiame Cave - Part Four Post Two

The Rainbow Serpent took quite a while to sketch out, scan and then clean up on Paint Shop Pro 8, and I was then faced with the problem of giving the giant reptile an appropriately colourful scaly skin. I was initially tempted to simply use one of the pre-made flood-fill tools already included on the graphics editor but I felt that such an important reoccurring character warranted some additional work and effort. As a result I took a photograph of a piece of shiny Aztec-inspired patterned cloth, ‘cut out’ the shape of the huge snake from it, and then merged the two together. I liked the combination so much that I even reduced the size of one of my drawings, where Dhakken spits out the malformed Langloh, in order to incorporate more of the Rainbow Serpent in the panel.
In the final posting its Agent Unknown verses Carpet Snake and there can be only one winner…


  1. Rally enjoyed this love the rainbow serpent especially now we can see him cearly (I know you said the rain was a little thinker than you wanted but it did make a good plot devise in covering the serpents true form till now. Are we getting a classic strip today? really enjoy these! I can't get this site to come up on my phone sadly as I can't read it at work like "Fantorical" dont tell the boss!

    Did you notice the strip is smaller today (you need to think of the poor old people like me who cant read things this small).

    Cheeers Roger.

  2. Roger, sorry about the smaller strip. Should be larger now and as a result of upgrading all the pictures, you should now be able to click on them in order to come up even larger. As a result of some feedback from one of the other Artist Forums I post on I've redrawn all the rainy panels with a lighter rain layer. But hopefully that won't lessen the impact of the Rainbow Serpent when it appears in all its colourful glory. I've tried to make the phone blog a bit simpler, but I'm really in the hands of Blogger for that one. Classic Strip posting is up as well!! Many thanks for commenting :-)