Thursday, 18 September 2014

"MEN OF MYSTERY" Embassy Of The Fist - Part One Post One

This second adventure of my "Men Of Mystery" series was written as a ‘test piece’ to see whether my Mooretoon style could do justice to an action-packed martial arts story. Greatly inspired by the likes of “Marvel” comic book titles “Master Of Kung Fu” and “Iron Fist” as well as the superb Bruce Lee motion picture masterpiece “Enter The Dragon”, I had originally intended to cram each episode with a variety of different Kung Fu stances, kicks and punches. But quickly found drawing all these poses accurately was very time consuming. In the end, rather disappointingly, I settled on just a couple of new moves, and crammed the dialogue, worryingly heavy at the best of times, with as many references to the different forms of martial arts as I could muster.
This four-parter also caused me some of the accent issues I encountered with “Burning At Baiame Cave”, as I wanted the Chinese criminals dialogue to differ in font to that of the British secret agents in order to indicate they were speaking in the Beijing dialect. Ideally I’d have liked to use a font that resembles logograms but I simply could not find such a font small and legible enough to fit within my word balloons. I also wanted to show that the deadly assassin Yamamoto, although able to speak English, had a heavy Chinese accent when he did so, so as a result whenever he spoke I applied the Cambria font.
Attacked by the very man they had hoped to ambush, the British Intelligence Service must turn to their own martial artist, Cheng Fu, to save them…

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