Tuesday, 9 September 2014

"MEN OF MYSTERY" Burning At Baiame Cave - Part Three Post One

I utilised the scaling ability of Paint Shop Pro 8 for the opening panel to Part Three of “Burning At Baiame Cave” in order to try and ‘squeeze’ in more character movement within the single panel; as well as spotlight the cute little marsupial in the background by DeviantART(ist) Sharkaholic. Resizing my cartoons can actually take a considerable amount of time to ‘get right’ as I find the graphics editor really only works best when the image is a single layer image. As a result I have to position my characters appropriately without a frame and then save the scene as a bitmap before using the programme’s smart size feature upon it. As a result I often find I have to manipulate the original sized composition a couple of times as well as find the right percentage to reduce the image, before I’m finally satisfied the panel conveys all the action I want it to.

The final panel of this posting superimposes an actual photograph of rainfall upon the scene in order to try and show the sudden torrential downpour the Rainbow Serpent has created with his temper. My first attempt at this wasn't that successful as I made it just a little too dark trying to show the detail of the rain and as a result it was quite hard to see what is going on, especially within the printed version of the story. This version is much lighter.
Desperate to reach the top of Mount Yengo, Doctor Horton and Miss Kyle must battle more than heavy rain as something sinister slithers beneath the very ground upon which they stand…  

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