Monday, 8 September 2014

"MEN OF MYSTERY" Burning At Baiame Cave - Part Two Post Three

Originally I did plan for these panels to use photographs of the landscape surrounding Mount Yengo. But as the characters were still firmly based within the spirit world I eventually utilized a superb piece of aboriginal-inspired art by Sharkaholic on the DeviantART website. A link to the original posting can be found here: This mural fitted my needs perfectly as not only did it show a mountainous landscape with trees and undergrowth, but also contained some beautifully drawn Australian animals; a few of which I tried to incorporate in my panels, peering out at the wandering archaeologists.

Like Baiame, Birrahgnooloo was inspired by some original aboriginal paintings, and coloured with a similar palette to the Sky Father in order to tie-them together.
In the next part Doctor Horton and Miss Kyle must run the gauntlet of the Rainbow Serpent himself or be swallowed alive... 

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