Saturday, 20 September 2014

"MEN OF MYSTERY" Embassy Of The Fist - Part One Post Three

These final panels of Part One were written to set up a second (final) confrontation between Yamamoto and Cheng Fu for later in the story, but also to try and convey a flurry of Kung Fu moves all based upon speed of the hand. So there’s a strike, then block then double strike before a devastating kick.
The contents of the final frame were significantly scaled down in size as I wanted to show the movement of the assassin’s kick and the reeling effect it had upon Cheng Fu. In addition it really let me squeeze in the gorgeously colourful ‘London at night’ photograph I was using as the background for the scene. Yamamoto is still quite upright and static in his pose but I rotated all of his opponent’s limbs, torso and head to put across the force of the blow.
Victorious Yamamoto returns to his Master’s side. But has Cheng Fu really fallen to his death from the London rooftop..?

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