Friday, 19 September 2014

"MEN OF MYSTERY" Embassy Of The Fist - Part One Post Two

This posting includes my first attempt to depict a ‘flying karate kick’ and some of the ‘wider’ shots I included in order to hopefully ‘show’ some martial arts action. I actually drew a few bare foot kicks, with limited success as anatomy is not one of my strong points, before I realised that if I simply manipulated the limb using the rotate tool on Paint Shop Pro 8, then I could simply reuse the same foot over and over again and just tweak its angle for different kick attacks.

Unfortunately rotating any layer within my graphics editor does cause it to become a little blurry, and thus badly contrast with the clean pixelated look of the rest of the Mooretoons in the frame. To solve this problem I just slightly reduce the picture within the panel using the resize tool on its smart size resampling setting, and although this then gives the entire frame a slightly distorted look it does blend all the layers back together.

Although the majority of (my) super-heroes wear a standard costume, I wanted Sensei Cheng Fu to stand out a bit more during the action scenes and so decided that although he’d wear the same tunic and face mask in each adventure, I’d re-colour it for every story to ensure he contrasted with his opponent. In “Embassy Of The Fist” he was going to be predominantly surrounded by both dark coloured assailants and backgrounds so I sought out a bright green Chinese cloth weave for him.

In the next posting it is Yamamoto verses Cheng Fu, and it will be a fight to the death…

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