Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The Purpose Of This Blog - What Mooretoons Are All About

For the past thirty or so years I have been drawing Mooretoons...
To begin with they were little more than a teenage boys rough ink scribblings that were penned as I went, using blue, black or red biros. Numerous panels were crammed together on a single page and the dialogue was hastily written, poorly spelt and hard to read.
Nonetheless it gave me the opportunity to depict the Earth being frequently saved from alien invasion by a certain time-traveller in a blue box and the super-hero Campaign continually battling such notable baddies as Deaf Woman, Captain Sumo and The Sword.
For the next ten years my style developed and stabilised into pretty much what you see today, but with the introduction of a personal computer I was able to hand draw my characters on pre-printed panel layouts, have my text neatly printed inside respectable-looking bubble balloons and introduce colour sound effects. There was even the odd partially coloured story.
As a result the aliens of Beorge were able to plot the adventures of their Earth Timeman to ensure the smooth passage of time, the British Police Service established a covert department designed to thwart and hide any alien incursions, and in the near future a spaceship was launched to establish whether there was a tenth planet at the far edge of our solar system. Oh... and in the far future the Human race fought squidgy tentacled aliens for oxygen-rich planets.
For the last decade however things have got really busy, as although all my characters and props are still hand-drawn, they are now scanned into Paint Shop Pro, cleaned up, coloured and all placed on the computer. As a result a lot of the movement and dynamism of my earlier drawings has been lost and replaced with relatively static chest height up panels. But, in my opinion at least, the quality of my comic images these days are far more consistent and colourful than their predecessors ever knew.
Certainly without the change in technology I would not have been so prodigious in my output, and therefore the ancient Romany Empire would not have unleashed a horde of gibberlings upon the ancient world in "Pax Romany", the World governments created a legion of super-heroes and villains in "Alternate Heroes" and "Heroes Of Godwinson", the saviour of souls defeated numerous risings of the Undead in "Ermin Meonstoke" and the fourth agent of Beorge ultimately sacrificed himself in Nineteenth Century New Zealand in order to save the Earth in "The Rambler".
What in the World am I talking about? Well hopefully over the next few years or so you'll find out...

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