Thursday, 11 September 2014

Mooretoons - Comic-Reading Friendly Mirror Site

Having sought and received some feedback from websites such as DeviantART, the Webcomic List and Comics Fury, I plan to make a few changes to the layout of this blog. These’ll take a few days to implement but once in place will hopefully make it easier for you to read my cartoon stories without both my comments and copyright getting too much in the way. In addition to a change in format and larger cartoon panels (just by clicking on them) I’ll be running a more comic-reading friendly format over at
This website is specifically designed to follow comic strips on the web but probably not so accessible if you want to follow my thinking behind why I drew something a particular way. As a result I don’t plan to post most of my musings onto the webcomic. In addition, this blog will still be where I’ll be (hopefully) daily posting story panels. Only once I have posted a full episode will I copy the images over to the comic series website.

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