Saturday, 6 September 2014

"MEN OF MYSTERY" Burning At Baiame Cave - Part Two Post Two

One of the things I do find hard to find are good Fonts to use within my dialogue boxes. I always like to use something 'different' when a person speaks with an accent different to the standard 'Arial font' English tongue I imagine they use. Unfortunately legible minimalist fonts which allow me to squeeze two-three lines of reasonably long dialogue into one of my word balloons are difficult to identify on the free font websites, and I've lost loads of hours trawling through their libraries for the odd font I can use. Fortunately for Baiame, whose voice I imagine to be something akin to the whistling of the wind, I went for the rather bizarre 'Bionic Comic' font.

In addition this posting shows one of my more recent attempts to use one of the distortion effects within Paint Shop Pro. Although simple enough, albeit a little pixelated, the composition of the frame actually took a long time to 'get right' as I needed the three main characters to all be 'in panel'.
In the final posting of Episode Two, Doctor Horton and Miss Kyle come face to face with Birrahgnooloo, the wife of the Sky Father, and she doesn't bring good tidings for the archaeologists…

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