Thursday, 4 September 2014

"MEN OF MYSTERY" Burning At Baiame Cave - Part One Post Three

One of the things my cartoon style does not allow for are character’s looking straight forward (right out of the page towards the reader). The next four panels were an attempt to break that rule, and were reasonably successful. Certainly the ‘face-on’ look to Baiame provides the Sky Father with a very different look to how I normally draw my figures. As I’ve said before the whole purpose behind creating the “Men Of Mystery” series was so I could do something a little different from my usual scribblings.

Baiame’s appearance was inspired by some of the surviving Aboriginal cave art which has been interpreted as representing the Creator God. Coupled with his ‘flat look’ I thought this really made him look especially odd and ‘jar’ with the ‘normal’ world I like to depict in my carton strips.
Will Doctor Horton and Miss Kyle burn to death in the cave along with the Sky Father? Find out in Part Two...

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