Monday, 20 October 2014

"COSMIC CUSTODIANS" Gloom Of The Glooms - Part Two Post Two

The opening panel finally depicts the entire Cosmic Custodians super-team, albeit it will be some time yet before all of their 'special talents' are revealed. However I did want to give some indication as to the character of the upright walking (and as shown later talking) tortoise and what role he will be playing in both this and future stories.
I also needed to establish that some additional subplots were going to be taking place on board Air Force One and the Pentagon basement. The action has already dwelt a bit long in one place concentrating on General Marietta and I always find it a useful technique to depicts events occurring elsewhere during a comic strip in order to hopefully help break up any monotony. In addition its a very good strategy if you want to imply the passage of time at a separate location without actually having to draw it.
For those who have an interest in planes, the photograph of Air Force One is of a Boeing 747. I actually used the (public domain) interior plans of President Obama's modified B747-200B to fill in some of the details as to what the plane can actually do for this adventure.
The White House has been overrun by the Glooms, but the President of the United States is safely aboard Air Force One. But it isn't the nation's Commander-In-Chief who is leading the fight against the alien invaders and the madman who is will seemingly stop at nothing to eradicate the extra-terrestrial menace. 


  1. Nice to finally see Eddie, but I must admit I'm now somewhat intregued by his companion and what his powers are!

    P.S. still loving the old Dr Who strips, jus t didn't get chance to comment yesterday.

    1. Roger, no worries. Plenty of people post comments late so feel free to go to any of the pages and let me know what you think :-) Tortoise-Shell and Sagittarius are a double-act and a half and get plenty of action in Episode Three and Four I assure you. I'm currently drawing a second "Cosmic Custodians" 4-parter, which, having taken on board a lot of the comments from this blog and others, should make you raise an eyebrow or two...