Tuesday, 14 October 2014

"COSMIC CUSTODIANS" Gloom Of The Glooms - Part One Post Two

Having set the scene in the first four panels, I wanted to leap straight into the action with the next few frames. As a result I threw in loads of laser beams ripping in between my characters and had the aliens, the Glooms, make a very early appearance. These scenes were actually re-drawn several times, as at one point I actually wanted to scale down the size of my figures in order to show off more of the mayhem the aliens were causing. In the end though I reverted back to these 'standard-size' characters and just filled each panel with as much movement and sound effects as I could muster. They're very cluttered as a result but hopefully this also imparts to the reader just how busy things are in the Pentagon during the initial stages of the alien's attack.
As aforementioned, I really wanted to get this story finished quickly, and as a result some of the figures are from some quite old former Mooretoons. A few I redrew (such as the more modern grey camouflage for the soldiers) but others appear exactly as they were originally drawn and to my eye it shows. However as the initial panels had already taken far longer than I'd wanted, I simply went with them. In hindsight this was actually a wise decision as I'd encounter some serious hurdles in the pages to come...
The President has left the White House for the safety of Air Force One but will General Marietta depart the Pentagon to join his Commander-in-Chief? Perhaps something 'Cosmic' about to happen...  


  1. Cyclopean aliens! good job I haven't copywrited that (lol). Is Eddie lurcking behimd the forth "O" in your "Moortoons" title perhaps? How come aliens always invade America, the great thing about living in the north west of England is that since "Dan Dare" Aliens have pretty much left us alone*

    Really enjoying this one, I liked your "kung fu" strip but now your really in my ball park!

    (*Dan Dare's headquarters were in Southport where the Eagle was originally produced).

    1. Well seen Roger. I'd actually completely forgotten about that :-O I don't actually feature the United States that much in my stories, and the majority are based in the UK. However I wanted a story where the aliens invaded two places so I could have two plot threads running at once, and switch between them as the story progresses. I was in a hurry and couldn't think of two UK ones with a connection, but Pentagon - Whitehouse worked. Although as you'll soon see the President isn't at the Whitehouse anymore as he has a rather unique secure second home. Glad you're enjoying this one. I'm just writing a follow-up - when my blogs allow!