Monday, 13 April 2015

"ERMIN MEONSTOKE" Sacrifice Upon The Waves - Part One Post Three

This entire first episode was written to simply establish the good from the bad characters and incorporate the Undead as quickly as possible, and as such I think it works quite well; albeit being a bit obvious that the grandmother was up to no good.

I've written drawn many zombie stories and their appearance has hardly changed at all since I started. For this adventure I simply mixed my standard cadaver heads onto the bodies of some German soldiers I'd created earlier and dirtied their uniforms up.  

Miss Priscilla must fight for her life in a house quickly filling with the hungry Undead. But beneath the waves a second army of walking corpses is stirring, and Ermin Meonstoke must use all his powers of persuasion to save the passengers on board the cruise liner Eclipse.   


  1. I do like your Zombies Simon, and as we all know Nazi Zombies are the most evil zombies of all!!

    Cheers Roger.

    1. Cheers Roger. I always think my toony style makes my stuff look cute and cuddly. But I'm not sure you can have cuddly brain-eating zombies ;-)