Wednesday, 8 April 2015

"ERMIN MEONSTOKE" Sacrifice Upon The Waves - Part One Post One

Drawn in August 2009, this is actually a 're-boot' of a series of "Mooretoons" I drew approximately nine years earlier and continues the ghoul-killing adventures of Ermin Meonstoke and his faithful secretary, Miss Priscilla. A five-parter, "Sacrifice Upon The Waves" involves two elements I thoroughly enjoy incorporating into my stories, rising water levels and flesh-eating Nazi Zombies; so plenty of both are contained within its pages.

With these opening few panels I really just wanted to set the scene of an isolated and  sinister elderly German woman, preparing her blind grand-daughter for the girl's eighteenth birthday... Unfortunately I never changed the font of the pensioner's dialogue, so for now the only connection to this odd couple and the days of the Second World War is their family name Von Keitel.

Miss Priscilla's appearance in the final frame is actually a play upon how I usually start my "Ermin Meonstoke" tales, as ordinarily it is the titular character who first appears infamously declaring "I have come to save your souls." However for this story I wanted to separate the partnership right from the beginning, and needed to establish the secretary's plot first and foremost.

What manner of foul menace is soon to rise from it's grave to threaten the birthday celebrations of 'Lady Weimar Von Keitel'? And what has it to do with a new employee starting work on board the cruise liner Eclipse?

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