Friday, 3 April 2015

"THE RAMBLER" The Time Henge" - Part Four Post Three

As this was the first of four stories drawn for a new series of "The Rambler" I purposely didn't fully resolve the creation of a new Timeman until the end of the following four-parter "The Yeti Hunters". But the first two panels do at least provide some clarification that the 'dying' Rambler has ended his journey, and it is now time for his replacement to start his.  

The last scene set on Beorge is a serious cop-out as I used the opportunity to have the fish-like aliens 'save' the outgoing Rambler by healing his wounds and returning him to the location where he was first imbued with the ability to time-travel. Previously I had established that a new Earth Timeman is only selected upon the death of the current one. But I had enjoyed writing and drawing this character for so long that I simply did not have the heart to kill him off. So gave him a somewhat 'sickly sweet' ending.

"The Rambler" will return. But first, the Undead have started to rise from a watery grave and threaten the passengers on board a luxury cruise liner. Fortunately masquerading as one of the crew is the Ghoul Collector, the Saviour of Souls himself... "Ermin Meonstoke".

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