Friday, 20 February 2015

"THE RAMBLER" The Time Henge" - Part Three Post Three

In these first two panels I simply wanted to show what the time-bomb looked like, complete with multi-coloured wiring and have the Rambler unmasked before he could complete his task.

This set up a nice frame in which the time-traveller provided a bit of closure as to what happened to his companion, Wandsworth, when I previously stopped drawing his adventures a few years earlier. I had actually considered having the character, a butler, accompany the Rambler in "The Time Henge". But felt that it would give me too many people to write for all at the same time. As it was I therefore stuck to an old story idea I had planned to draw where Wandsworth remained on board H.M.S. Victory as Captain Hardy's servant following the Battle of Trafalgar. The four-parter was going to have been called "Nelson's Waterloo."

Earth's time-stream is ablaze and about to be destroyed. But can even a strong-will and determination help the Rambler stave off the flames long enough for him to de-active the Time-bomb.!?!

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