Wednesday, 18 February 2015

"THE RAMBLER" The Time Henge" - Part Three Post One

Having essentially been an ineffective passenger for the first half of "The Time Henge" this part finally gives our grey-suited 'hero of the hour' something to do, and show he can use his fists. I actually left the Rambler's arm showing as he donned the hooded robe in order to make it clear that it was the time-traveller getting dressed, as opposed to the unconscious lodge member reawakening.

This part also introduces another green-uniformed Beorge, in the form of one of an alien engineer. His dialogue also reinforces the fact that the Rambler's journeys through time are enabled by the technology of the amphibian space species as opposed to any gadgetry he may have upon his person.

As the Grand Lodge prepare to dispatch a human sacrifice, the Rambler must make a difficult decision... Rescue the fair maiden from a bloody death or re-wire a time-destructor and save the entire planet.!! 

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