Thursday, 19 February 2015

"THE RAMBLER" The Time Henge" - Part Three Post Two

There are two points to this sequence of panels and ordinarily I would have paired them together but as I wanted to show a brief passage of time between the two drawings set on the planet Beorge, I split that scene up. One of my biggest concerns about this series was trying to explain just why the aliens needed to maintain the smooth-flow of  the Earth's time-stream, so I tried with these frames to explain that they siphon off the energy created by 'events happening as they should' in order to hold their planet's tectonic plates together; as their planet is at the end of its life.

I also wanted to show why the Rambler was so keen to reach Stone Henge's central altar as it is actually a disguised time-bomb which he needs to re-wire. As I thought it was quite hard to spot my hero of the hour amongst all the grey robes, I deliberately kept his right coat arm showing.

The Rambler has only seconds to re-wire the time-bomb or the Earth is finished. But can he complete his task before he is discovered..!?! 

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