Friday, 18 September 2015

"ERMIN MEONSTOKE" Sacrifice Upon The Waves - Part Three Post Two

Following on from the last post's revelation as to where the German zombies have risen up from, the first three frames of this instalment clarify just what Weimar's grandmother is up to on the Cornish Coast. But also momentarily give the protagonist's hope that they may be about to escape the ghouls' clutches - Only to have them immediately quashed by more of the walking dead coming in through the back door.  

The last frame finally sets up a genuine purpose for Meonstoke to achieve whilst on board the cruise liner, except for just generally surviving, and also provides the hero with a few more 'souls to save'... or be eaten. Ermin's dialogue is also once again based upon the actual layout of the passenger ship I used for the basis of the narrative.

With the cruise liner's lifeboats within sight, Ermin Meonstoke's fortunes take a turn for the worse as the vessel continues to sink and flood the corridors with even more of the hungry undead. Meanwhile Miss Priscilla confronts Weimar's grandmother for the last time..?

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