Saturday, 14 May 2016

"THE RAMBLER" "The Yeti Hunters" - Part One Post Three

The first two panels of this particular posting hopefully provide a bit more exposition as to just who Sir Edmund Hillary is, and strongly hints at how the history books will one day remember the explorer. It also makes reference to the contentious argument as to whether his trip to the Himalayas was genuinely to search for a yeti, or whether he was actually on some sort of covert mission during the Cold War. Needless to say whilst writing "The Yeti Hunters" I allowed my narrative to follow the line of reasoning I believed would make the better story.

Danny and The Rambler's scene within the animal pit is rather lazily drawn sadly, in so much as besides a change in background, and the characters telling the reader they've clambered out of the pit, there's no actual depiction of the time-travellers climbing up the walls of the large hole. A 'third' small panel, wedged between the current two and showing the pair scrambling to the surface would have sufficed.

However as I wanted to ensure the episode finished on a cliff-hanger, and felt under some pressure to actually get this series drawn after so many months of delay, I decided to simply have Danny shown pulling his companion up, out of the hole, by the arm. Whilst at the same time the pair were being shot at.  

Surrounded by gun-totting explorers and hungry Abominable Snowmen, is it already all-over for the (mis)adventures of both the Rambler and Danny..?  


  1. Once again, I find myself totally agreeing with your own assessment. An extra panel showing Danny pulling his friend out of the hole would have made things much clearer. Regarding Sir Edmund, you were right to go with with the possible historical inaccuracy of him hunting Yetis as it makes for better story telling.

    1. Cheers Bryan. Sir Edmund was an incredibly interesting person in real life, and I probably had as much fun researching him as I did writing this four-parter. The story-telling for this adventure is a little 'by the numbers' as you've already seen. But it did as a result give me plenty of opportunities to have Hillary talk about his fascinating life.