Monday, 16 May 2016

"THE RAMBLER" "The Yeti Hunters" - Part Two Post One

Whilst hardly an innovative solution to the Rambler's predicament at the end of the previous episode, these panels did at least provide me with yet another opportunity to flesh out some of Sir Edmund Hillary's previous exploits; something I always like to do with my historically-based characters.

Having established that the famed explorer has previously searched for the Yeti in 1952, I allowed myself the luxury of giving the Rambler and Danny a bit of humorous banter. Such frames are hardly plot progressing, but hopefully help make an otherwise straightforward story a bit more entertaining, and demonstrates the 'verbal sparring' I wanted the two 'leads' to have with one another during their adventures together.

Trapped once again by the Abominable Snowmen, the Rambler and Danny are forced to 'throw in their lot' with Sir Edmund Hillary's expedition. But things start with a bump...

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