Wednesday, 11 May 2016

"THE RAMBLER" "The Yeti Hunters" - Part One Post Two

Opening with a fairly straight-forward chase scene, the Rambler and Danny's fall into an animal pit trap is somewhat lazily illustrated by the duo describing the occurrence, rather than my actually drawing it. With hindsight I should probably have depicted this particular event by 'scaling' down the characters within the panel in order to emphasise the fact that the heroes were falling down a large hole.

Sir Edmund Hillary and the journalist Desmond are 'real' people who historically were on the Himalayas at the precise time this story takes place. One of the most attractive aspects of writing time-travelling narratives is to weave a fantastic tale around 'true life' events, so both of these personalities will play important roles in the four-parter to come.

Trapped beneath the snow, and aware that a hungry Yeti lurks nearby, the Rambler and Danny must not only climb for their lives. But dodge the bullets of an overly-enthusiastic journalist...  


  1. There's that hindsight thing again that i was mentioning. I agree if you had made the changes you wanted to the strip would have greatly benefited from it. Even so, I am still enjoying your latest offering, Simon.

    1. Glad you're enjoying this one Bryan. This story practically wrote itself in many ways once I found out about Sir Edmund. Hopefully a sign of a good adventure :-)