Monday, 2 May 2016

"ERMIN MEONSTOKE" Sacrifice Upon The Waves - Part Five Post One

As I dislike 'time jumps' in stories, usually indicated by a text box stating "Some time later...", I always try and have something happening 'on screen' when I don't want the audience to see what one of my other characters is up to.

Ermin Meonstoke's surprise entrance at the start of this final instalment to "Sacrifice Upon The Waves" is an example of this technique. However I'm not sure I've quite got the passage of time right considering both the ghoul collector and Mister Gotch somehow managed to row ashore from the ocean liner and bludgeon a load of Nazi zombies in the time it took for Fedor Von Bock to beat up Miss Priscilla. 

Timing quibbles aside though, I think it makes for a good start to this story's conclusion and also brings this series' two main characters together for the first time since the adventure started.

As the German undead launch a final attack in order to rule the World once again, Meonstoke, Miss Priscilla and Mister Gotch stand should-to-shoulder as humanity's last hope. But will a sword, antiquated firing piece and water-logged World War Two machine gun be enough to hold back a tide of Nazi zombies...? 

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